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What Technologies Will Change Our Life in 2019?

Date: 05:42 PM EDT - May,24 2019
Category: technology

Of all the many surprises that scientists, engineers, and other inventors are preparing for us, we have chosen a dozen of the brightest and the most mind-blowing. So what is going to change our lives in 2019? What to expect?

Aviation: The US Promises a Supersonic Baby Boom

The experimental XB-1 model, also known as the Baby Boom, looks like a fighter. The long and narrow fuselage length of 18 meters, reduced wingspan, two seats with tandem seating and three engines - all that similarity immediately catches the eye. Boom startup test pilot Bill Schumaker agrees with the comparison. Just like the casino christchurch OCG Review, the invention will definitely leave you speechless.

XB-1 tests will be held in 2019. But only professional pilots will be able to fly it. The XB-1 is a prototype, and the American company plans to enter the market with a 55-passenger passenger liner that will fly from Tokyo to San Francisco in just 5.5 hours instead of 11, and from New York to London in just three hours. The vessel will be able to rise to a height of 18 km and reach speed 2.2 times higher than the speed of sound. Its development will cost $6 billion and long months of negotiations with regulators. Despite the difficulties, major airlines are ready to invest in the project.

Cars: The Electric Motor Will Finish off the Diesel

In 2018, manufacturers of gasoline cars began to massively announce electric models to be launched soon. Only Volkswagen was going to produce 50 million electric cars by 2023 and invest 44 billion euros in their production. Large countries one after another set the date of the ban on vehicles with internal combustion engines. According to Wired, the 2019th will be a turning point: the electric motor will finally "kill" the diesel and become the new industry standard.

SUVs will be moving faster than other segments to power electric vehicles - the most powerful and still the most harmful for the environment passenger cars. The development of battery technology will simplify this task. The trend will especially fast affect diesel models. Already in 2018, manufacturers of diesel SUVs began to experience serious difficulties with their marketing. For example, Land Rover even had to stop factories due to low demand for diesel "monsters." It is expected that in 2019, the largest players in the automotive industry will generally abandon the development of new diesel SUVs.

Astronautics: Space Is Becoming a Private Business

American banking holding Morgan Stanley advises its customers to pay attention to space and think about investing in it. According to analysts of the bank, in 2019, a number of important events for the space economy will occur. In June 2019, SpaceX will carry out the first-ever astronaut delivery to orbit by a private company. Manned missions will finally make the company of Elon Mask the largest player in the space market.

The expected success of SpaceX analysts attributed to the achievements of 2018. In particular, this is the launch of Falcon Heavy and tests of the future network of satellites. A large-scale satellite network will be able to significantly increase the cost of SpaceX. The problem for investors is that investments will have to be negotiated personally with Mask.

What to Be Ready for?

As you can see, the technology never stays still. Regardless of the niche experiencing some changes and improvements, this process never ends up and there is more to come the next years. So fasten the seat belts and get ready!

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